This is Kitty Riggs' second self published novel.
Bamboo Til Two is the album I'd write if I could sing. It is a collection of poetry, lyrics, and general ramblings: from spiders falling from the ceiling, to the Gallagher brothers running for prime minister! Inside, there are six sections with six different themes; from anxiety, to love, to anger, and to my love for Manchester. There are also spaces for you to interact, and write your own poetry, as a distraction from the maddness of the world right now!
I will also be donating £1 of every book sale to the charity: MIND; an invaluable mental heath service that I know so many people will be using at the moment.
If you have any questions, or if the book does not ship to your region, please email me, and I will try my best to sort it out!
Thank you! 
Stay Groovy,
Kitty xxx

Bamboo Til Two